Iona Luna: This is me

Hello again!

                I am so glad you’ve decided to gather here with me, in this place. Allow me to better introduce myself… I am Iona Luna, an Eclectic Witch from the Midwest (hence the oh-so-clever title of the blog!).  For the sake of confidence and trust; I thought it best that I expound more on myself, and share my story in the hopes that maybe a point or two will resonate with you in some way.

Although raised Catholic, I have been Pagan most of my life. This is something you will come across quite a bit as you travel deeper down your path. There is something about the Catholic tradition that is a gateway to Paganism. As a friend once pointed out – “Catholics are wannabe Pagans.” And if you have ever attended a Catholic mass, you will know what that means! All the candles, incense, and ceremonial robes… It’s unmistakable!

From a very young age, Catholicism did not resonate with me. I remember asking about age five or six – “if it’s Jesus’ birthday, why do I get presents?” Which did not sit well with the powers that be, let me tell you! But off I went, trying to be a good Catholic girl for a few more years. Try as I might, in the end my brain just could not make sense of it, and my soul felt bothered by it all. You know that gut feeling when something is wrong? It felt like that, but at a much deeper level. Like something or someone was screaming at me just out of range of my known senses, “wake up!”.

 Fast forward to my angry teenage years, I was still going to Church with my parents. However, by this time I had discovered standup comedy. So, most of Mass was spent chuckling (sometimes not so quietly) at the jokes I had heard in reference to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit etc. If you are not familiar with the work of Eddie Izzard, I highly recommend him! During this time, my lack of faith turned into an identity crisis. Everyone I knew had a religion or set of beliefs that they were firm in. Even the agnostics and atheists were settled into what they believed to be true. Not me. Thanks to the Catholic Church’s do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that and all will be well crap; the entirety of the Christian religion and I were not on speaking terms. Even to this day I feel a slight grudge towards all of Christianity, like a betrayal took place… I have my own theories on why this is, and may get into that another time. Even so, I have plenty of friends and family who identify as Christian or Catholic, which is perfectly fine. Christianity just isn’t for me. But I digress… The whole situation made no sense. How was it that I was the only one feeling lost? Why was I left behind? It wasn’t until my junior or senior year that I started to put the puzzle pieces together.

In a World Religions class, we discussed many different belief systems. As interesting as the entire course was, it wasn’t until we got to the study of Hinduism, and its beliefs of reincarnation, that something connected. That day in class, my brain was struck by lightning, and my soul set on fire! This! Yes! I have always felt that the one and done attitude towards existence didn’t fit. How can one person experience everything in one life time? How can a person expect to advance so fully in a matter of decades (some less – child deaths for example)?  

There you have it – that was the start of it all. Learning that it was OK to believe in something other than the teachings of the Bible. That there were millions, no billions, of people on this earth who practice a religion other than Christianity without fear of Hell or damnation. What a relief that was to learn!

In college, I took an intro to Anthropology class. You know the saying everything happens for a reason? Well I took that class out of interest, as well as necessity. It fulfilled a credit requirement for my major, and wouldn’t you know it? The very first assignment lead me to the Student Pagan Association on campus. Serendipitous really, as I would spend the rest of my college career as an active participant in the Association. Many strange and wonderful things happened to me during that time. Some of which I may choose to share later. But suffice it to say that I immersed myself, and after a few short years, I came out of that experience a completely different person! A self-proclaimed Pagan, and a woman who would learn that the term “Witch” was not at all what she had been taught to mean… A topic we will discuss another day.

After graduating college, I moved back home for a short amount of time before moving away again. Over the course of my life, I have lived in 4 different states, with a short stint in another country as well. Due to the moving around a lot, I became a solitary practitioner out of necessity. However, having had coven or group experience in college – I do understand the want and need to be surrounded by like-minded people.

Which is how this blog got started! SidheSidhe Teg and I met through our significant others, and discovered very quickly our shared views on religion. We bonded over countless things – nerdy and Pagan alike, and after many years of friendship and learning together, we decided it was time to share with more people. So, if I haven’t lost you completely, and you would still like to be my friend – welcome to the blog! Check back weekly for posts and reviews from SidheSidhe, and/or myself on all things Pagan and Witchcraft related! We plan to cover all matter of topics, book reviews, shop reviews, etc. And please, if you have any questions, or friendly comments (ill intent will not be tolerated) feel free to contact us via the contact page.

Thank you spending this time with me.

With love and light,

Iona Luna