The Power of Words

My Dear Friends,

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about manifesting. Are you familiar with this concept? To be honest, I’m really not, but I do have a story to share… And, please, if you know of a good definition of manifesting, let me know!  Now, my basic understanding is that manifesting is the ability to alter or change reality usually by thought and/or simple action. There is probably more to it than that… But how many people do you know that can bring about palpable change with just a thought? A few days ago, I would have said “none and I’m definitely not one,” but after the events of today, I am not so sure…

Let me give you little background on the situation… Stress is a constant in my life right now. My job sucks (long story), I am in the middle of planning a wedding, my house is currently under renovations, we got a puppy at Christmas which is the four-legged equivalent of a toddler, and SidheSidhe and I are working to get this blog off the ground. So, you see – I have a lot going on! Well, with everything happening all at once, I have been feeling less Witchy and more overwhelmed than anything lately. I don’t have time to do the things I want to do: write for the blog, read my books, practice my Craft, etc. To be honest, I was worried I wouldn’t make my deadline for this posting!

Fast forward to yesterday, which was a particularly bad day at work… I was at my wit’s end. My patience were gone. I sat at my desk, and just whispered “I need a break. I need to not be here.” Oh my Gods, be careful what you wish for!

Today at work, the secretary rings my desk and tells me that my mother is on the phone. When I picked up the line, Mom was in tears. My father had a heart attack, and was on his way to the hospital. I should mention that I live in a completely different state from my family, and it’s an entire days drive to get back to them… So I left work, went to my house to pack, and got on the road. By the time I was on my way, my Mom called again – he’s having tests done, but the hospital doesn’t think it was a heart attack after all. Dad came on the line and tried to tell me to turn around. I would not. By the time I crossed the border into my state of origin, my Dad was being discharged from the hospital with no clear diagnosis… Due to insurance bull shit, he was being sent home to get a referral from his primary care to go back to the hospital to continue testing… Makes sense, right?

Some would say that I drove all this way for nothing. No heart attack, no reason to rush back, right? Well, I am going to say wrong! While quickly packing an overnight bag for the impending weekend at my folks’ place, I somehow managed to not only grab my laptop, but my current read on Scottish Witchcraft, and my blog notebook. Driving along, a little perturbed at the idea of losing 2.5 days of work (for which I won’t be compensated), it hit me… I asked for this! I wanted time away from the office so badly, that I got what I asked for. Due to the upcoming wedding, and family events this year – I don’t have any more paid time off for the rest of the year! I was feeling trapped… But I walked out the door with no one expecting to see me until Monday because my Dad was in trouble, or so we thought… Also, oddly enough, my car was, in fact, road trip ready. I just got an oil change the day before, AND filled up the tank before work this morning… So basically, I needed to get away from work, I needed time away from the wedding planning, the remodel at the house; I needed some me time to just write for the blog, and focus on my Craft; and I got it!

There is not a lot to do at my parents’ house. They live in a very small town, in the middle of nowhere. So it is the perfect place to just focus, and write, take in nature, and be at peace. Now, I am not saying that I am for certain a manifestor. I honestly have no idea, I’ve never really given it an honest try… It’s very possible that The Universe, or the Gods decided I needed to get away from the distractions to do this work because the noise of everyday life tends to get in the way… But I am grateful. Not only am I grateful that my Dad is home and seemingly OK, I am grateful for this time away to focus on me. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Words have Power, and you must be very careful what you wish for. I wished so hard to get away from the stress of work and home, that I didn’t set the intention for how I got what I wanted… A heart attack scare was not at all what I was going for!


With Love and Light from the middle of nowhere,



Hello again,

This topic is fitting for a number of reasons. Not only is this my second post for today, as I decided I wanted to update our readers on the success of a few products in my earlier one, but I also wanted to touch on the magic of repetition, as it is appearing in my life right now.

A large part of my personality is based on two things, my terrible memory and my obliviousness. For me, repetition makes these traits less irksome. Whether it be in my personal, professional, or spiritual life I use repetition to help me remember. Spiritually, I rewrite spells or herbal uses in my Book of Shadows. I try to use or write chants that have repetitive bits so that I can memorize them. I listen to songs on repeat if I intend to use them in spellwork. I read and reread portions of books. Repetitive actions not only help me comprehend. They help gather magic, making the energy and intention stronger and more potent.

In regards to communicating with spirit repetition has also assisted. When I started attempting to communicate with spirit I struggled and didn’t feel like I was being talked to, though I can feel presence. At some point I was told that I should ask spirit to repeat a message so that I would know I was definitely being communicated with. Since then I often see repetitions. I see repetitions in numbers, in words, in animals, in anything that can be repeated. While I often have to research what I’m seeing repeated due to my memory, it always is relevant. Two weeks ago I was seeing flocks of 4 birds. Always four birds together, usually turkeys or turkey vultures. So I researched both the number four and aspects of turkey. Spirit wanted me to learn about those topics and apply those self-teachings to my life.

Currently, I’m seeing the word “deeper” everywhere. It’s in song lyrics, podcasts, emails at work, tv shows, and phone conversations that have nothing to do with my pagan spiritual life. This is how spirit is communicating with me. They are telling me to dig deeper into my spiritual journey, to push aside my self-inflicted limitations.

My point is, friends, that if you keep seeing something repeat, pay attention. Do those type of birds remind you of a relative or friend? Does the repeating number 4 hold significance in some way or relate to you in regards to numerology? Someone or something is speaking to you; you just have to listen and learn the language.


UPDATE: Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Packages

Hello lovelies!

I just wanted to give a quick little update on how my Wicked Witch Studios products are working! While I haven’t used all of my goodies yet, I have been using a couple items with great success!

I mentioned in my previous post about my success with the Outta My Way oil. The Outta My Way candle had similar results, though at the time I was battling a bout of depression. If anyone else has depression, then they know how hard simple chores can be to accomplish. Burning that candle provided the motivation to clean and organize when even lighting it was a challenge at the time. I’m not saying the candle cured my depression; I’m not a doctor, but it did help me accomplish some tasks that I was being hindered by my mental illness. I intend on testing it during a time when I’m feeling happier to see what all I can do then. 🙂

I also used my Fast Cash oil as directed on the bottle, by applying to my palms. As I’ve been feeling unappreciated at work lately, I decided to set my intention to reflect receiving compensation for my hard work and dedication. I did this one time and came home with a Thank You card from my entire staff and a $100 gift card to To say the least, I’ll be using this oil again as I was very satisfied with that result.


A Meditation On Meditation

Welcome my dear friends,

Tonight I would like to talk to you about meditation – a training of the mind to induce a mode of consciousness beyond the awake or asleep, or an experience of mindfulness. Perhaps, some of you already meditate on a regular basis. Or perhaps you have no idea what I am talking about… Either way, let’s discuss, shall we?

To meditate, is to quietly focus the mind, and keep it focused without interruption. The end goal of that focus can be different for each person, as well as each mediation. And the mediation used to reach that goal, will be different based on the aforementioned desired result.

But wait, I thought to meditate was the quiet the mind? It is – in order to quiet the mind, you have to focus to allow your mind to let go of all of the outside distractions and crap of day-to-day life. Once you can focus, you can quiet the mind. Make sense?

Focusing the mind can be as easy as paying attention to your own breath. As you inhale through your nostrils, notice the moment when your intake stops, and your exhale begins. Did you notice it? Try again. Inhale naturally, through the nostrils, and notice when the breath stops coming in and starts pushing out. Again. Inhale naturally through the nostrils, and… release. Inhale naturally through the nostrils, and…release. Try this for a 30 seconds. I’ll wait…

How did you do? Did your mind wander a little? If it did, that’s OK. Part of meditating regularly is to train your mind to not be so easily distracted. But let me congratulate you – if you tried my little exercise – you just set yourself up to meditate!

The way I was taught to meditate, is much more complicated. It involved journeying and working with Spirit Guides. But for the sake of starting out… 

Here are the Simple Steps to Meditating:

  • Select your meditation – whether it is a guided one from a CD or a book, or one you made up, determine how long this mediation will last.
  • Get your environment ready aka set the mood – I like to have soft music playing, the lights off or at least dimmed, and my phone switched off (on silent is fine too) while I meditate {for music I highly recommend Celtic Meditation by Dirk Freymuth – it is available on iTunes for about $10.00 and is 1 hour 18 minutes}
  • Find a comfortable position – seated or laying down. You want to be comfortable, but you don’t want to fall asleep. If you are seated and find yourself falling asleep, sit up straighter and move forward in your seat so you are not resting against the back. If you are laying down and falling asleep, try sitting up.
  • If you would like, set the intention for the meditation or do an opening ritual.
  • Begin the meditation –  gently allowing yourself to become aware in the point of focus: a thought, a feeling, image, sound, etc.
  • Your mind will drift. This is natural to all us human beings… Keep coming back to the focus point, don’t beat yourself up for wandering off. The ebb and flow of focus, wandering off, focus, wandering off is all part of mediation.
  • After the time intended has passed, gently release the focus point and return your awareness to your environment.
  • Allow yourself a few minutes to reorient to your surroundings. Open your eyes when you are ready, stretch your body a little, get the blood flowing back into your body before resuming your regularly scheduled activities.

Mediation is a recommended practice for several reasons – good health, stress relief, but also as a means to meet with you Spirit Guides and get messages from The Other Side (a topic we shall discuss more in depth later on). If you can, take the time to meditate once a day. Or at least, get into the habit of mediating regularly.

Don’t get me wrong, I would be a liar if I said I practice mediation like a good little witch… But I have challenged myself to work on that, and to meditate 3-4 times a week for the next month. It is vital for my continuation as a developing Medium, so we’ll see how I do! Wish me luck!

With Love and Light,


Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Packages by Dorothy Morrison

Hello again!

Today I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about my experience with the purchase of a Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Package by Dorothy Morrison, which was only offered this May. Part of the discussion when Iona and I were drafting out ideas for our blog/website included reviewing products, stores, events, podcasts, books, and any other pagan-related aspect that falls into our laps. Remember, we’re trying to help fellow pagans find things that might benefit their spiritual lives. And what better way to help others than by exploring ourselves.

Currently, we’re listening to a few different podcasts and one, Desperate House Witches (to be reviewed later), had Dorothy Morrison as a guest. If you’ve never heard of Dorothy Morrison, check out the links provided because she’s amazing. While I knew I had heard the name prior to the show, I couldn’t place it. Mostly because I’m terrible with names when I don’t have faces attached. I digress. Dorothy mentioned that she was going to be offering a small and a large mystery package as a way to celebrate her own birthday month. The items in each mystery package were chosen via tarot cards that Dorothy pulled using her Whimsical Tarot Deck. Since Iona and I both listen to this podcast we agreed that we should both order one and see what we get. 

From a bit of research on Dorothy’s website Wicked Witch Studios, I already knew what kinds of products she offered and so had a general idea of the kinds of items I could receive. Not being much of a gambler and having no prior experience ordering from Dorothy, I ordered a small mystery package for $30 plus shipping and handling, which totalled $38.95. After checking prices on the site, I definitely got my money’s worth, which makes me happy in that area alone. I ordered on a Sunday and received my package that Thursday, which apparently is longer than normal, though I thought it was remarkably quick. 

Anyway, to the contents!

My box contained 2 candles, Rich Bitch and Outta My Way, and two oils, Fast Cash and Outta My Way, along with a business card and an invitation to Mystic South in Atlanta. The Rich Bitch candle isn’t listed on her site, but from the description on the wrap, “Triple X Money Magnet: The best money manifestation formula on the market,” it sounds like it will pair well with the Fast Cash oil. Both candles include incantations on the back and I’m itching to have a moment to burn them. Basically, the green Rich Bitch candle and Fast Cash oil will attract money to you (with the correct intention, of course) and it smells divine, very floraly. 

I am very literally using the Outta My Way oil as I type. Being a procrastinator I was having a serious case of writer’s block, but obviously my creative juices are flowing! (Sidenote: this was actually written on Sunday the 7th, well ahead of the Friday post date.) The Outta My Way items will help tear down anything that blocks or hinders progress and assists in stirring up inspiration. These items are also referred to as being called Road Opener and they smell amazing, though I can’t put my finger on a decent description. My olfactory system isn’t the best at detecting scents. 

I’ll definitely be updating this post as I test my items! So far this is a highly recommended purchase and Wicked Witch Studios will be getting my business again in the future.



I Do See Dead People

My Dear Friends,

               Welcome to my first solo topic post here at Midwest Witches!

                It was alluded to in the about section that I am working on developing my skills as a psychic medium. Though, I am not currently a trained medium, I do have the ability to connect with loved ones on the other side. Also, I have and continue to connect with souls trapped here in the physical world. So, I thought it might be helpful to anyone going through the same kinds of things that I am, for me to expound.

                My earliest memory in this life, is of seeing the spirit of my grandfather in my nursery. I was maybe two at the time, and remember falling asleep only to be awakened by a strange sound. The window next to my crib was opening on its own! I was terrified, as any two-year-old would be! In through the window came a very dense mist, which took the shape of a man resting his arms on the top rails, and looking down at me. I could see the outline of him – like a self-illuminating silver line. His hair, his glasses, his smile – all of this I could clearly see glowing before me. After a few seconds of a starring match, he leaned into my crib and hugged me. Though I couldn’t feel the hug, I could feel the Love. After that, he disappeared out the window, politely closing it behind him.

                The next day, I stood in the living room watching TV with my dad. “Daddy, who that?” I asked pointing to a picture on the book shelf. “That’s my dad, he’s gone now,” my dad explained. “No, not gone,” I stammered, “in my room!” My dad was clearly alarmed and very confused. “What? What did you say?” “He was in my room.”

                After that it was all downhill… We would move out of that house in the next few months or so, but that didn’t stop the visits. Though my grandfather never appeared to me again in his glowing form, I saw my great-great aunt in my room about ten years later. She too was glowing with that detailed silver outline. I thought I was going crazy, and really didn’t talk to many people about it. I didn’t know what was happening to me.

                Over the years, I have seen ghosts and spirits (there is a difference, which we will cover later!) as plainly as I see the screen before me, heard disembodied voices call my name, seen objects move on their own, and even one nasty encounter which I shall not get into just now… Also, I have seen with my mind’s eye, heard with my mind’s ear, and received validation for those encounters from family and friends to help me know that I am not, in fact, crazy. I have a lot of stories I could share, but I want you to sleep tonight, and I don’t have the energy to type them all up just now.

                In the meantime, do me a favor… No, do yourself a favor… If you are being visited, please do two simple things – first, believe that what is happening is very real, and should be taken seriously. Secondly, write that shit down! I have a Spirit Journal that I keep next to my bed. I write down any and (almost) all encounters no matter how large or small. This way I can not only recall them more easily, but I can track my progress as I continue to develop my skills.

If you are interested in developing your skills – I recommend reading books like You are a Medium by Sherrie Dillard, she does a wonderful job explaining the different types of mediums, with meditations and a quiz to help you define your gifts. Also, check into classes or training in your area. Check your local metaphysical store for such offerings. I myself, have registered for a class that is set to take place very soon (check back in a few weeks for updates from that class). If you are having trouble finding training or reading material, or you have any questions – feel free to email me at I will do my best to help you find something that fits.

With Love and Light,