I Do See Dead People

My Dear Friends,

               Welcome to my first solo topic post here at Midwest Witches!

                It was alluded to in the about section that I am working on developing my skills as a psychic medium. Though, I am not currently a trained medium, I do have the ability to connect with loved ones on the other side. Also, I have and continue to connect with souls trapped here in the physical world. So, I thought it might be helpful to anyone going through the same kinds of things that I am, for me to expound.

                My earliest memory in this life, is of seeing the spirit of my grandfather in my nursery. I was maybe two at the time, and remember falling asleep only to be awakened by a strange sound. The window next to my crib was opening on its own! I was terrified, as any two-year-old would be! In through the window came a very dense mist, which took the shape of a man resting his arms on the top rails, and looking down at me. I could see the outline of him – like a self-illuminating silver line. His hair, his glasses, his smile – all of this I could clearly see glowing before me. After a few seconds of a starring match, he leaned into my crib and hugged me. Though I couldn’t feel the hug, I could feel the Love. After that, he disappeared out the window, politely closing it behind him.

                The next day, I stood in the living room watching TV with my dad. “Daddy, who that?” I asked pointing to a picture on the book shelf. “That’s my dad, he’s gone now,” my dad explained. “No, not gone,” I stammered, “in my room!” My dad was clearly alarmed and very confused. “What? What did you say?” “He was in my room.”

                After that it was all downhill… We would move out of that house in the next few months or so, but that didn’t stop the visits. Though my grandfather never appeared to me again in his glowing form, I saw my great-great aunt in my room about ten years later. She too was glowing with that detailed silver outline. I thought I was going crazy, and really didn’t talk to many people about it. I didn’t know what was happening to me.

                Over the years, I have seen ghosts and spirits (there is a difference, which we will cover later!) as plainly as I see the screen before me, heard disembodied voices call my name, seen objects move on their own, and even one nasty encounter which I shall not get into just now… Also, I have seen with my mind’s eye, heard with my mind’s ear, and received validation for those encounters from family and friends to help me know that I am not, in fact, crazy. I have a lot of stories I could share, but I want you to sleep tonight, and I don’t have the energy to type them all up just now.

                In the meantime, do me a favor… No, do yourself a favor… If you are being visited, please do two simple things – first, believe that what is happening is very real, and should be taken seriously. Secondly, write that shit down! I have a Spirit Journal that I keep next to my bed. I write down any and (almost) all encounters no matter how large or small. This way I can not only recall them more easily, but I can track my progress as I continue to develop my skills.

If you are interested in developing your skills – I recommend reading books like You are a Medium by Sherrie Dillard, she does a wonderful job explaining the different types of mediums, with meditations and a quiz to help you define your gifts. Also, check into classes or training in your area. Check your local metaphysical store for such offerings. I myself, have registered for a class that is set to take place very soon (check back in a few weeks for updates from that class). If you are having trouble finding training or reading material, or you have any questions – feel free to email me at midwestwitches@gmail.com. I will do my best to help you find something that fits.

With Love and Light,