Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Packages by Dorothy Morrison

Hello again!

Today I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about my experience with the purchase of a Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Package by Dorothy Morrison, which was only offered this May. Part of the discussion when Iona and I were drafting out ideas for our blog/website included reviewing products, stores, events, podcasts, books, and any other pagan-related aspect that falls into our laps. Remember, we’re trying to help fellow pagans find things that might benefit their spiritual lives. And what better way to help others than by exploring ourselves.

Currently, we’re listening to a few different podcasts and one, Desperate House Witches (to be reviewed later), had Dorothy Morrison as a guest. If you’ve never heard of Dorothy Morrison, check out the links provided because she’s amazing. While I knew I had heard the name prior to the show, I couldn’t place it. Mostly because I’m terrible with names when I don’t have faces attached. I digress. Dorothy mentioned that she was going to be offering a small and a large mystery package as a way to celebrate her own birthday month. The items in each mystery package were chosen via tarot cards that Dorothy pulled using her Whimsical Tarot Deck. Since Iona and I both listen to this podcast we agreed that we should both order one and see what we get. 

From a bit of research on Dorothy’s website Wicked Witch Studios, I already knew what kinds of products she offered and so had a general idea of the kinds of items I could receive. Not being much of a gambler and having no prior experience ordering from Dorothy, I ordered a small mystery package for $30 plus shipping and handling, which totalled $38.95. After checking prices on the site, I definitely got my money’s worth, which makes me happy in that area alone. I ordered on a Sunday and received my package that Thursday, which apparently is longer than normal, though I thought it was remarkably quick. 

Anyway, to the contents!

My box contained 2 candles, Rich Bitch and Outta My Way, and two oils, Fast Cash and Outta My Way, along with a business card and an invitation to Mystic South in Atlanta. The Rich Bitch candle isn’t listed on her site, but from the description on the wrap, “Triple X Money Magnet: The best money manifestation formula on the market,” it sounds like it will pair well with the Fast Cash oil. Both candles include incantations on the back and I’m itching to have a moment to burn them. Basically, the green Rich Bitch candle and Fast Cash oil will attract money to you (with the correct intention, of course) and it smells divine, very floraly. 

I am very literally using the Outta My Way oil as I type. Being a procrastinator I was having a serious case of writer’s block, but obviously my creative juices are flowing! (Sidenote: this was actually written on Sunday the 7th, well ahead of the Friday post date.) The Outta My Way items will help tear down anything that blocks or hinders progress and assists in stirring up inspiration. These items are also referred to as being called Road Opener and they smell amazing, though I can’t put my finger on a decent description. My olfactory system isn’t the best at detecting scents. 

I’ll definitely be updating this post as I test my items! So far this is a highly recommended purchase and Wicked Witch Studios will be getting my business again in the future.