Hello again,

This topic is fitting for a number of reasons. Not only is this my second post for today, as I decided I wanted to update our readers on the success of a few products in my earlier one, but I also wanted to touch on the magic of repetition, as it is appearing in my life right now.

A large part of my personality is based on two things, my terrible memory and my obliviousness. For me, repetition makes these traits less irksome. Whether it be in my personal, professional, or spiritual life I use repetition to help me remember. Spiritually, I rewrite spells or herbal uses in my Book of Shadows. I try to use or write chants that have repetitive bits so that I can memorize them. I listen to songs on repeat if I intend to use them in spellwork. I read and reread portions of books. Repetitive actions not only help me comprehend. They help gather magic, making the energy and intention stronger and more potent.

In regards to communicating with spirit repetition has also assisted. When I started attempting to communicate with spirit I struggled and didn’t feel like I was being talked to, though I can feel presence. At some point I was told that I should ask spirit to repeat a message so that I would know I was definitely being communicated with. Since then I often see repetitions. I see repetitions in numbers, in words, in animals, in anything that can be repeated. While I often have to research what I’m seeing repeated due to my memory, it always is relevant. Two weeks ago I was seeing flocks of 4 birds. Always four birds together, usually turkeys or turkey vultures. So I researched both the number four and aspects of turkey. Spirit wanted me to learn about those topics and apply those self-teachings to my life.

Currently, I’m seeing the word “deeper” everywhere. It’s in song lyrics, podcasts, emails at work, tv shows, and phone conversations that have nothing to do with my pagan spiritual life. This is how spirit is communicating with me. They are telling me to dig deeper into my spiritual journey, to push aside my self-inflicted limitations.

My point is, friends, that if you keep seeing something repeat, pay attention. Do those type of birds remind you of a relative or friend? Does the repeating number 4 hold significance in some way or relate to you in regards to numerology? Someone or something is speaking to you; you just have to listen and learn the language.