The Power of Words

My Dear Friends,

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about manifesting. Are you familiar with this concept? To be honest, I’m really not, but I do have a story to share… And, please, if you know of a good definition of manifesting, let me know!  Now, my basic understanding is that manifesting is the ability to alter or change reality usually by thought and/or simple action. There is probably more to it than that… But how many people do you know that can bring about palpable change with just a thought? A few days ago, I would have said “none and I’m definitely not one,” but after the events of today, I am not so sure…

Let me give you little background on the situation… Stress is a constant in my life right now. My job sucks (long story), I am in the middle of planning a wedding, my house is currently under renovations, we got a puppy at Christmas which is the four-legged equivalent of a toddler, and SidheSidhe and I are working to get this blog off the ground. So, you see – I have a lot going on! Well, with everything happening all at once, I have been feeling less Witchy and more overwhelmed than anything lately. I don’t have time to do the things I want to do: write for the blog, read my books, practice my Craft, etc. To be honest, I was worried I wouldn’t make my deadline for this posting!

Fast forward to yesterday, which was a particularly bad day at work… I was at my wit’s end. My patience were gone. I sat at my desk, and just whispered “I need a break. I need to not be here.” Oh my Gods, be careful what you wish for!

Today at work, the secretary rings my desk and tells me that my mother is on the phone. When I picked up the line, Mom was in tears. My father had a heart attack, and was on his way to the hospital. I should mention that I live in a completely different state from my family, and it’s an entire days drive to get back to them… So I left work, went to my house to pack, and got on the road. By the time I was on my way, my Mom called again – he’s having tests done, but the hospital doesn’t think it was a heart attack after all. Dad came on the line and tried to tell me to turn around. I would not. By the time I crossed the border into my state of origin, my Dad was being discharged from the hospital with no clear diagnosis… Due to insurance bull shit, he was being sent home to get a referral from his primary care to go back to the hospital to continue testing… Makes sense, right?

Some would say that I drove all this way for nothing. No heart attack, no reason to rush back, right? Well, I am going to say wrong! While quickly packing an overnight bag for the impending weekend at my folks’ place, I somehow managed to not only grab my laptop, but my current read on Scottish Witchcraft, and my blog notebook. Driving along, a little perturbed at the idea of losing 2.5 days of work (for which I won’t be compensated), it hit me… I asked for this! I wanted time away from the office so badly, that I got what I asked for. Due to the upcoming wedding, and family events this year – I don’t have any more paid time off for the rest of the year! I was feeling trapped… But I walked out the door with no one expecting to see me until Monday because my Dad was in trouble, or so we thought… Also, oddly enough, my car was, in fact, road trip ready. I just got an oil change the day before, AND filled up the tank before work this morning… So basically, I needed to get away from work, I needed time away from the wedding planning, the remodel at the house; I needed some me time to just write for the blog, and focus on my Craft; and I got it!

There is not a lot to do at my parents’ house. They live in a very small town, in the middle of nowhere. So it is the perfect place to just focus, and write, take in nature, and be at peace. Now, I am not saying that I am for certain a manifestor. I honestly have no idea, I’ve never really given it an honest try… It’s very possible that The Universe, or the Gods decided I needed to get away from the distractions to do this work because the noise of everyday life tends to get in the way… But I am grateful. Not only am I grateful that my Dad is home and seemingly OK, I am grateful for this time away to focus on me. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Words have Power, and you must be very careful what you wish for. I wished so hard to get away from the stress of work and home, that I didn’t set the intention for how I got what I wanted… A heart attack scare was not at all what I was going for!


With Love and Light from the middle of nowhere,