Not By One Path Alone

My Dear Friends,

                If there is one thing you need to know about me it is this… I fully believe that when it comes to religion, we are all correct. No matter what you believe. Whether you are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Jewish, Muslim, etc. whatever you believe – you are right. Why do you ask? Because we are all talking about the same thing. God, Allah, Odin, Zeus, Hera, Rhiannon, Hekate, Kali – we are all referencing the same Source Energy. We are just calling it by whatever name or names resonate with us most, bringing us the closest to that Energy, which gives us comfort. There is nothing wrong with that! And even though I fully believe this; I too reference the Source Energy by the names of the Gods of my ancestors because it helps me feel connected.

                Now, I told you that, to tell you this… One of my very best friends is a Christian. She practices a sect of Christianity that takes its traditions straight from the time of Jesus’ life. What does that mean? Well, she and her fellow worshipers do not celebrate any holidays stolen from Pagan religions as a means to force conversion of those people into the Church. Which, speaking as a Pagan, I appreciate! She does not celebrate Christmas, but she does honor Yule; she does not celebrate Easter, she honors Passover. Which is where this story begins.

                During Passover, my bestie posted a picture on her social media of some homemade Matzo that she whipped up (do you whip up Matzo? I don’t know…) for her Passover ritual. She recently moved across the country to start a new career, and was feeling rather alone. Finding joy, and comfort in her beliefs; she posted the picture to share with her friends what she was up to, and wish others well at this Passover time. What a nice thing to do, right? Sadly, not everyone is as accepting as we, and she got roasted alive by someone from our forgotten past… A person claiming to be a God-fearing Catholic went after her, telling her she was damned for bastardizing the One True Faith, and assuring her that she was going to Hell. Understandably, she was rather shaken, and upset. To her mind, she didn’t do anything wrong. Why was she going to Hell? Well, we discussed this at length after the incident, and I am here to tell you what I told her – you are not going to Hell, because no one is going to Hell.

                As we’ve discussed, one of the things I am very passionate about is furthering my skills as a medium. As part of that work, I have done a lot of reading on the afterlife. Please hear me when I say, Heaven and Hell are one in the same. There is no fire and brimstone, and there are no pearly gates. Souls leave the physical body, and transcend to another dimension. A dimension of light (ok, some would argue that is Heaven, but let me finish!). A dimension of healing, peace, and continued learning.  Yes, my friends, learning. Once you are done with this life, it does not mean you are done learning life lessons. Your soul continues its education, continues to grow, and develop to ascend into a higher level of existence. Sorry Graduates! Class is still in session!

                Now, wait a minute. Am I telling you that baddies like Hitler and Rasputin died, and still got to go into the light? Well, unless they are a ghost hanging around somewhere, I say yes. Granted, their souls may have been put in time out in Tartarus for a decade or so… Just for dramatic effect… (I’m kidding!)  But, yes, they too went into the light. The only difference in experience for them is that instead of sitting in class with the others, their souls are receiving personal tutoring from the Guardians or Light Beings. These special sessions will help them learn from their transgressions here on Earth and help them heal that pain, fear, or anger before their next go round.  Also, their class will be in session a lot longer than say my great grandmother’s whose worst offense was having a drink too many on New Year’s Eve. The souls of criminals, tyrants, suicides, and other offenders are not just going to be sent back like everyone else for their next set of lessons, as they have a lot more developing to do first.

                Am I so sure? Well, before I even read about Guardians or Light Beings… I was visited by my fiancés grandfather, who took his own life when my father-in-law was just a boy. While he spoke to me, I became aware that he was not alone. Standing on either side of him, like body guards, were beings made entirely of bright white light. The only features I could make out where a humanoid shape but much taller, much larger. When I asked him who they were, he just shrugged and said, “my teachers.” He was not afraid of them, but seemed to be receiving comfort from their presence, and they dictated when it was time to end the conversation. A week or so later, when I started reading the chapter about these Light Beings in You are a Medium by Sherrie Dillard (yes I’ve mentioned this book before) – I almost dropped my reading in surprise. The description of the beings is exactly what I saw. Cue the Twilight Zone music!

                So if there is one thing you take away from today’s little chat, let it be that you are right. I am right. The person who bags your groceries is right. And because we are all correct, nobody should be telling anyone else that they are wrong. I understand that some religions thrive on proselytizing. However, the next time you find yourself about to argue with someone of another faith just remember this:

“There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading to the same place. So it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain, telling everyone that her or his path is wrong.” – Based on a Hindu Proverb

   We are all destined for enlightenment. How long it takes us to get there, and which path our souls take is neither here nor there.  In the end – we all go into the Light.


With Love and some of that beautiful Light,