Store Review! The Silver Wolf Treasures & Gifts (Independence, KY)

Good afternoon my lovelies,

Today I’d like to share my experience in visiting The Silver Wolf Treasures & Gifts, which is located in Independence, Kentucky. This area in Northern Kentucky is my hometown and might as well be called part of the Midwest due to it’s inclusion in the “Greater Cincinnati Area”. Iona actually came across a profile of the shop on The Witches’ Voice just prior to the store’s Grand Opening this past weekend. So we obviously had to hop on our brooms, fly down to Independence, and check it out.

First, some background. Independence is a primarily Republican and Christian city. Until high school I had never met anyone who practiced a non-Christian faith and even that one person also celebrated Christmas due to being in a mixed religion family. So to simplify, it was a community that lacked diversity in a multitude of areas. Working at the public library, when I first began searching for materials on the topics of Paganism, Wicca, and witchcraft I learned that most of these items usually went missing due to theft. It was assumed that strict Christians were stealing these items as the only individual who had been caught also preached against sins such as witchcraft. 

So basically I was very surprised that a shop was opening in my hometown. Granted a lot can change over the course of 30 years, but it still surprised me. I sincerely hope that they do not face the criticism or hatred other minority groups have had to endure. But this is all beside the point.

The Silver Wolf Treasures & Gifts was a cute little shop tucked next to a Subway. In my humble opinion, this is perfect due to me always craving bread after doing any kind of magic. It helps me ground myself. Upon entering, Iona and I were immediately greeted by the owner. Definite points for making the customer feel welcome and she assured us that if we were looking for anything specific she could order it for us. Just looking around you could see that many of the basics were available (for extremely reasonable prices!). There was a small selection of books, which I hope to see expand. There were at least three titles that I already owned, so I will say they have good taste. 

Besides books, they had a few tarot decks, chakra crystal balls, a number of decorative statues, herbs, stones, incense galore (both stick and cone), as well as bags and other useful tools. I was most impressed that they carried wands. While I’ll admit I haven’t been to a multitude of “new age”/”eclectic”/pagan/”whatever terms you prefer to use” shops I had never seen groups of wands for sale before. Maybe I missed those at the Renaissance or Celtic Festivals? They also had tables set up for tarot and rune readings. I’m always intrigued by shops that offer more than just items. Plus they had free tea!!

Overall, I was impressed for a store first starting out and did end up purchasing a tarot bag, a notebook, and a cloth for tarot reading. Spending more than $20 also got me a ticket entry into a raffle for one of their wands. (I hope I win!) My only suggestion would be to lose the hanging wreaths that are more geared towards people not looking for pagan materials (i.e. Bengals, UK fans, etc). Nice wreaths reflecting the Sabbats would be a lovely touch though. 😉

I wish them much success and will do my best to stop in again the next time I visit my parents!