Time to Go to Work!

Hello My Dear Friends!

Can you believe that July is almost half way over? For that matter, can you believe the first of the Harvest Full Moons is behind us?! Lughnasadh is fast approaching, and I for one am… well, I’m exhausted and feeling rather blah… But with a little help from our friend Dorothy Morrison at Wicked Witch Studios, the feeling is melting away with each passing day.

Summertime is not my favorite. I don’t do well in heat, and I am prone to ear infections so this year the weather has affected me more so than usual. Try as I might, about the only thing I want to do when I get home after work is lay around and binge watch The Originals or Frasier on Netflix (I am multi-faceted, what can I say?? Haha!). 

All of that, ok well it didn’t change, so much as I got a bit of my spirit back when Ms. Dorothy posted her Spell of the Month on her Facebook Page. If you are on the Book of Faces, and not following Ms. Dorothy – remedy that, please. I’ll wait… Thank you!

This month, Dorothy helps set up those willing to work for the rest of the year and beyond with her July Wishing Bowl Spell. Since I had received both the Wishin’ Mojo Candle, and Wishin’ Mojo Oil in my Magickal Mystery Package back in May – it was time I gave my new products a try! 

It’s easy, just follow the link above! All you need is the candle, the oil, a bowl, and some coins. If you do not already have the candle, and oil, you can purchase them at the bottom of the Spell of the Month link. But, be warned! In order for this spell to work, you have to be willing to put in the effort. 

I am going to be honest with you… Ever since I received my Magkical Mystery Package, I have been hesitant to try the products. Why? Not really sure… So when this spell came along, I was not only feeling a bit meh about things, but Dorothy had already sent me both the candle, and oil!!! How could I not give it a try?! The Universe was definitely shoving me into a magickal direction, and I was more than happy to follow!

My findings thus far (having just started the spell last weekend)… The candle, and oil smell incredible! The quality is very good! My candle still looks new even though I have been burning it nightly for lengths at a time. More importantly than all of that though, is the immense power that I can feel as the candle burns. It is incredible. I don’t know how Ms. Dorothy does it, but this is some great $#!+ right here! The spell is designed to help set you up for productive manifesting in the future. With a new house, and wedding planning on my plate – I think this spell and my new wishing bowl are definitely going to come in handy!

If you give this spell a try, I’d love to know your thoughts on the Spell of the Month, as well as Wicked Witch Studios. Since SidheSidhe and I are fans, we will definitely keep promoting Ms. Dorothy and her products. But we’re always interested to know what you all think about various products, and approaches. Please feel free to share!

Well, my lovelies, my candle has been burning for a while. I should probably go tend to it, and then figure out dinner… The work of a Witch is never done!

With Love, and Light,