Let’s talk about Rocks, Baby!

Hello Dear Friends!

Today I would like to talk to you about rocks, also called stones, also called crystals. I’m sure you have heard of them. They come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors, rough/raw, tumbled, etc. And these easy to find to fit any budget beauties each possess their own fascinating energies, which can help enhance your life, as well as your magick if you so choose to work with them!

I, myself, am becoming quite enthusiastic about crystals in a way I have never been before. So, I thought I would spread the love and talk briefly about some specific stones, and how to use them in everyday life.

So let’s get started! The stones I will talk about are more of a beginners guide, 101 list of stones that everyone should own:

AMETHYST: purple in color ranging from light lavender to dark almost black – This is a stone that will do just about everything! It’s a stone to enhance feelings of happiness & joy, heal pain (stomach, joint, even heartache), connect you to loved ones on the otherside, help with meditation, can be used to energize water to help your pets, etc. It’s a jack of all trades type stone. It’s fairly inexpensive, and found in almost any metaphysical shop. If you’re in the Cincinnati area, check out Enchanted Moments. I bought a nice palm sized piece of tumbled amethyst for my mom for about $5. She suffers from arthritis in her hands, and now uses the amethyst to help alleviate some of that pain. She’s a Catholic, but she believes the stone helps her!

BLUE LACE AGATE: when tumbled, this light blue stone will appear to have bands of various shades of blue and white running through it – This very gentle, calming stone is one to have if you have anxiety, trouble sleeping at night, or if you have pets that are high energy. The gentle energy of this stone works great under a pillow, or next to the bed at night to help calm the room and ease the inhabitants to sleep. Since I am a natural intuative, and medium – I have a hell of time falling asleep 😦 So I put together a sleeping sachel of stones, that includes Blue Lace Agate. I keep the sachel in my pillow case, and have had very few problems falling asleep since I started using the stones! This stone, when found, isn’t too expensive. Though it is not as readily available as amethyst.

CLEAR QUARTZ: when tumbled, it’s… well obviously clear hehe – This stone is a must have if you are just starting to work with stones… Why? Because like amethyst, clear quartz can be put to almost any task! Once you set your intention, and let your clear quartz know what job you want it to do (protection, help with meditation, etc.) it will go to work! Clear quartz is another inexpensive, readily available almost anywhere stone.

ROSE QUARTZ: pink in color, hence the name – This stone enhances love, especially self love. You know the phrase, you can’t love anyone until you love yourself? Well, this stone can help with that! And, if you are a libra like me, it is our alternative birthstone! While attending the Victory of Light Psychic Festival in April I bought a gorgeous raw chunk (I’m sure that’s not the technical term, but that’s what it is) about the size of my hand for less than $20 from The Crystal Guy. Fairly inexpensive, this stone is usally available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes. I aslo own smaller tumbled pieces, and a pendant because, ya know, it’s my birthstone.

SELENITE: white and chalky in appearance – This stone is for cleansing that will not only cleanse you, but can helps cleanse your home, objects, and other crystals. It is one of the crystals of the angelic realm, and can be used to help connect you with your guardian angel. I keep a selenite tower in the middle of my house (yay open floor plan) to help draw down positive, white light energy, and keep my home free of negative energy. Though not too pricey, and pretty easy to find – selenite can be pricier depending on the piece.

Lastly, I would like to talk about black stones – obsidian, tormaline, hematite, etc. Stones that are black in appearance are considered protection stones. They will help banish negative energy from you, your home, and your life if you so choose to work with them. I keep a chunk of raw black tormaline next to my selenite tower, so while the tower is drawing down positive energy, the tormaline is dispelling negative energy. Note: If you want to banish negative energy from around your person, carry a piece of black stone in your left pocket. The left side is where we receive energy, the right side is where we send energy out. Black obsidian is fairly easy to find, and not too expensive. Tormaline I had a little more trouble finding the right piece for me… But I was looking for something very specific.

When it comes to working with stones, there are a number of different ways to do so… Carrying some stones in your pocket, wearing a specific stone as a pendant, creating a crystal grid, meditating with a specific stone, keeping a stone in your car for protection, etc. There really is no wrong way to work with stones, as a long as your intention is clear and you treat them with respect. Don’t forget that stones are living things too. And they need to be cleaned regularly to continue to work as intended. One good rule of thumb, is if the name of the stone ends in “ite” – malacite, flourite, kyanite, etc. do NOT put it in water. Water can be very harmful to some crystals. Some easy ways to keep your stones clean are to put them in a bowl of dried sage, smudge them with burning sage or candle smoke, or blow on them while picturing white light coming off of your breath.


Once cleaned, to charge your stones, place them under the full moon either outside or in the window sill. Even on a cloudy night, the moons power will reach the stones. While you can do the same thing with sunlight… Some stones, like Rose Quartz, are extremely sensitive to the sun which can alter their appearance.

So there you have it – for more information on any of the stones I mentioned, plus hundreds more… Check out the Crystal Bible series by Judy Hall. At the moment, it looks like Amazon has all three books available. Maybe I should break down and buy a copy already instead of constantly asking SidheSidhe to borrow hers! Meh… someday 😉

With Love, and Light,