The Eclipse!!

Hello dear friends,

Today I’d like to share some information about the upcoming solar eclipse. As many of you probably know the moon will pass completely in front of the sun this coming Monday. The time will largely depend on your location in the United States, as will the varying degrees. Where I live I will be able to view a 90% coverage. Now, what does that mean for pagans and witches?

In astrology, this has led many individuals to expect a major turning point for the United States as a whole. This is largely based on the date the United States itself was founded. While it’s not all doom and gloom, some people also predict some kind of natural disaster also taking place. So be aware, be smart, and be safe. Also research how this eclipse will effect your personal astrological sign.

On a much lighter note, there are a number of spells and other magical workings to perform during the eclipse. You can make eclipse water as detailed here for a store of positive energy and wisdom. If you have been wanting to work with faeries and are a more experienced witch you can initiate contact as detailed in this article. You can also do a meditation under the solar eclipse.

I will be at work during the eclipse, but my employer has permitted staff to ‘take a break’ and go outside to view this once in a lifetime event. So while I won’t be able to do any elaborate magical workings, I can still take deep breaths and pull in that wisdom and positive energy. I may also place some jars full of water on my back porch to use in future spellwork. Do what you see fit and enjoy the spectacle.

Love and light!