A Saint and a Pagan Walk Into A…

My Dear Friends,

The Universe, The Gods, our spirit Guides – all the Beings that make up the Source Energy have a very interesting talent for getting our attention in unexpected ways. Some of you may know exactly what I mean, while others may not… That’s OK. I would like to share with you a very strange, and wonderful thing that has happened in my life recently. I have made a new friend, His name – Saint Michael, also known as The Archangel Michael.

You read that correctly. I, Iona Luna, a practicing Witch and Pagan, now share a connection to a Christian based Being, and am actually… fine with it. Even though I gather this has been a loooong time coming (will explain in a moment), it all hit hard and at once. That seems to be the way with Source Energy and me – I keep getting slapped in the face with the same messages, symbols, images, etc. until I start to notice!

Everything came to a head several weeks ago when I took my first class in Spirit Communication (something I will expound upon at another time). A large portion of that class was learning techniques to connect with Spirit and readily receive messages for yourself, and others. Now, I’ve been reading tarot for about 8 years, and while I enjoy reading for myself, it’s always been easier to read for others.  The same goes for receiving messages from Spirit as a Medium. It’s easier for me to get messages for others, than it is for myself.

On the last day of class, the teachers demonstrated a panel reading, where they stood up in front and gave messages as they came in. The first teacher started describing a dog – as she kept giving more details, the lady next to me elbowed my ribs and said “that’s your dog!” After a few more particulars, I realized that, indeed, the teacher was talking about my puppy! She went on to describe feeling male energy and hearing the words “fire, fire, fireman, firetruck.” At that point, she lost me. However, she asked if anyone in the room recognized any or all of that information. I raised my hand, and said the dog described is my dog. She asked about the “fireman” but I don’t know any firemen, so I just shook my head.

As the class ended, the teachers reminded us to practice, practice, practice, our meditating.  The next morning, I gave it a whirl. Nervous that I wasn’t doing it right, I kept seeing the color orange, and hearing “right way & wrong way” and the word “caution” after asking what was important for me to know about my Spiritual Growth? Ok… I’m going to need more information than that.

Two nights later, at 12:24AM, the smoke detector in my bedroom went off! Three loud, long blasts, followed by the light blinking three times, then silence. What the hell was happening? I knew it couldn’t be the batteries, because that particular smoke detector is a 10 year, internal battery model… Freaked out, I tried to go back to sleep. That morning, I tried to meditate again. This time asking if this was the same “fireman” trying to get my attention – it was. I kept hearing words like “fire” and “fire alarm.” When I asked if this Spirit was the one who set off the alarm I felt like someone was just grinning at me. How rude! I asked over and over, if this was a literal fire, or metaphysical one because I do not need my new house burning down while I am at work. And I made sure that everyone (including my puppy dog) were going to be safe. The response I got was “of course, why wouldn’t they be?”  Even still, I left for work full of anxiety that my house was going to burn down.

All morning, I was convinced something bad was going to happen. Then out of nowhere, I remembered that one of the readings I got during the class from a fellow student talked about a “divine light, like the Light of Christ” around me… Holy crap… In my head I asked “are you an Angel?”  The answer I got was “yes.” On my lunch I tried to do some sleuthing, and searched for Angel of Fire. Google came back with three possible suspects – Gabriel, Michael, and the lesser known Nuriel. But I still couldn’t make heads or tails of who I was dealing with. One article said that if a feather is found, that is a sign that you are working with Michael. So I half-heartedly said “if this is you, I’d like a feather please.”  Knowing that so far, when Spirit is trying to get my attention, I get bombarded with images usually through Art (artwork, television, movies, etc.). I have never asked for such a tangible symbol before, so I wasn’t expecting much.

Four hours later, I am at home and on the phone with SidheSidhe telling her about all the craziness. I let my puppy out to go potty, and when it was time to bring puppy back in – I bent down to unhook the leash when what do I see? A feather. An almost perfect, silvery grey feather laying under the door frame of my back door. Son of a… I started freaking out! Everything I had read started to line up. Michael is the angel God put in charge of the element of Fire. He carries a flaming sword. So even though, He is associated with the color blue or purple, me seeing orange still fits. Also, on a an episode of Psychicteachers – I’m telling ya check it out if you haven’t! – there was an interview with Sheri Perbeck who communicates with Angels. As part of her work, she makes Angel Speak candles to help people connect with the Angelic Realm. Even though Michael’s candle is purple, the scent is Amber… Orange. Got it.

Also, a year or so ago, at a street fair I bought two Lapis Lazuli pendants. Lapis is a power stone for a Libra, and being a Libra – I felt compelled to buy them! One I wear, the other I have hanging from my rearview mirror. Well, researching Saint Michael has unearthed that Lapis is the stone often associated with Michael. Holy wow Batman… I laid the ground work long before I knew what was coming…

After all of this realization, I said to Michael – “but I am a Pagan. I think you’ve dialed the wrong number. I don’t mean to be rude but, I’m not Christian.” The response I got was completely unexpected – “suck it up Buttercup, it’s all the same thing.” … Did Saint Michael just call me Buttercup?! But what he meant was Source Energy. Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Pagan, Buddhist, etc. we are all talking about the same thing we’re are just referring to it by whatever name(s) resonate with us most. A topic I covered earlier in Not By One Path Alone 🙂 So you see, it’s all coming together!

Though, I still have a lot of work to do, Michael is here. He is not going anywhere, and I’m grateful for that.
With Love, Light, and Michael’s blessing to share my story,


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