Merry Meet, and Welcome to Midwest Witches! We’re just two solitary witches from the Midwestern region of the United States, who came together to learn, explore, and develop our individual paths in Paganism and Witchcraft. It is with this blog that we hope to share those findings with you! While we don’t have all the answers, and how we practice may be vastly different than the way you do; we say to each their own! Just because we may not practice exactly the same way, we can still learn and grow together! So come sit for a spell, and welcome to Midwest Witches!

The Contributors:

Iona Luna: An Eclectic Witch and Celtic Pagan, who honors Deities of other paths out of Love and Respect. Mostly working with the Celtic and Greek Pantheons, she also works with Dragons, and is developing her gifts as a psychic medium.

By no means, am I what you would call an expert. But I look forward to learning, sharing, and growing with you as this blog progresses. – Iona

SidheSidhe (Shee Shee) Teg: A garden-variety Pagan and Eclectic Witch, who primarily works with Welsh Pantheons. She finds herself in the presence of the Greek and Norse Gods & Goddesses as well, and views this as part of her belief that all Deities are interconnected. SidheSidhe also has an affinity for the Faery Folk, a deep love for books, enjoys exploring methods of divination, and connects strongly with her astrological profile.

Yeah… samesies. Definitely not an expert. And also looking forward to learning, sharing, etcetera. Hope you enjoy progressing with us! – SidheSidhe Teg

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